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Our Flood Risk Assessment reports will provide you with a detailed analysis of flood risks, along with how to mitigate the risk and prepare for future events.

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Flood Risk Assessments

At FPS Environmental we have substantial experience supporting planning applications across a plethora of industries. Our highly experienced engineers and consultants will work with you to understand the risk and mitigate flood risk for your development.

As a homeowner, property developer or architect, you’ll need to understand the potential risk of flooding when developing your site of property. This also includes how the development may impact on other areas, especially if it is located in a known flood zone.

A Flood Risk Assessment identifies the risk and mitigation measures available, preparing you for a planning application.

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When do I need a Flood Risk Assessment?

To satisfy national planning policies, you require a flood risk assessment (FRA) for most developments within one of the flood zones.

This includes developments:

  • In flood zone 2 or 3 including minor developments and change of use.
  • More than 1 hectare (ha) in flood zone 1.
  • Less than 1 ha in flood zone 1, including a change of use in development type to a more vulnerable class (for example from commercial to residential), where they could be affected by sources of flooding other than rivers and the sea (for example, surface water drains, reservoirs).
  • In an area within flood zone 1 which has critical drainage problems as notified by the Environment Agency.

Find out what flood zone you’re in

Contact your local planning authority to check if your development site is in an area identified as having a critical drainage problem.


Why is a Flood Risk Assessment required?

An FRA is required to demonstrate that:

  1. The flood risk to a proposed development is acceptable, and that development is directed to areas of lower flood risk where possible.
  2. The flood risk to areas outside of a site is not increased as a result of a proposed development; and, Appropriate flood mitigation measures are provided where required.

Our Methodology

Our flood risk assessments use the best data available, coupled with our engineering excellence to achieve optimal results. This includes working collaboratively with the Environment Agency, planners, Lead Local Flood Authorities and our clients.


  • Same Day Quote received
  • Initial site review within 48 hours
  • Full report circa 25 working days (The EA response time is 20 working days, and this information is required)
Detailed Flood Risk Assessment

How can flood risk be managed?

Flood Risk

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