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As part of The FPS Group, FPS Environmental Ltd delivers engineering excellence within the flood, water, and environmental sectors.

The FPS Group has worked with a wide range of clients, from residential customers through to large corporates and heavy industry.

The group was launched back in 2012, by Civil Engineer and Chartered Water & Environmental manager Simon Crowther BEng (Hons) C.WEM MCIWEM. Simon’s home was badly flooded in 2007 (prior to the installation of Property Flood Resilience), and as a result he made it his mission to raise awareness of flood risk, and work to reduce it.

The flood mitigation sector suffered distinctly from a lack of qualified advice and regulation. We were often seeing works completed that may not just be ineffective, but also dangerous. FPS Environmental Ltd was formed to drive change and ensure high-level, qualified, and insured advice was readily available.

We are a team of qualified and experienced Civil Engineers and environmental professionals. We work on a wide range of projects from flood risk advisory services, through to acting as expert witnesses, or managing site wide schemes for fire water management and control.

All our work is reviewed and signed off by a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager registered with the Chartered Institute of Water & Environmental Managers (CIWEM). https://www.ciwem.org/.

Our Mission

Our ethos is to deliver engineering excellence at affordable prices. Both the company, and its staff have become incredibly well respected within the industry and are now the favoured environmental media representatives for the likes of the BBC and Sky News.

We are committed to delivering the highest level of service and expertise available within the flood, water, and environmental sector. We utilise our industry expertise to deliver a professional service, utilising the latest software and technology to ensure our works are the pinnacle of the sector.

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