PFR Survey and Drainage Design for Nottinghamshire Property: Case Study

PFR Survey

FPS Environmental Ltd Case Study: Flood Survey and Drainage Design for Nottinghamshire Property

FPS Environmental Ltd was commissioned as part of a DEFRA grant to conduct a Flood Survey at a property in a Nottinghamshire village. Despite not being located in a designated flood risk area, the property had suffered extensive flooding. This was primarily due to the surrounding land levels and the inadequacy of the risk mapping resolution to detect these changes, ultimately resulting in significant flood damage.

Client Consultation and Goals

As part of our Flood Surveys, we conducted a thorough consultation to understand the client’s goals and lifestyle. The homeowner, who frequently travels, desired a passive flood solution due to the unpredictability of flooding events, making active measures like flood barriers impractical. Acknowledging the limitations of the DEFRA grant, which was capped at £5000 inclusive of VAT and the survey fee, we worked closely with the client to maximise the value of the grant and identify additional measures beyond its scope, where they were able to invest their own resource.

Tailored Solutions and Additional Measures

Our consultation allowed us to tailor our report to exceed DEFRA requirements and provide clear guidance on optimal use of the grant funds. Additionally, we suggested measures outside the grant’s scope, addressing the homeowner’s bespoke requirements. The client had previously received inadequate advice from another firm, making our comprehensive approach even more valuable.

Surface Water Drainage Improvement

Our FPS Flood Risk Consultant identified the potential to enhance the limited surface water drainage at the site. After discussing this long-term, passive solution with the client, they commissioned us to undertake additional works beyond the DEFRA grant.

This included a Topographical Survey, CCTV Drainage Survey, and Drainage Modelling in InfoDrainage to develop a suitable solution for various storm events and return periods.

Drainage Design Example

Successful Outcome

The client was delighted with our proposal, recognising that investing in their property could provide significant flood protection without negatively impacting others. This proactive approach not only offered peace of mind but also likely contributed to an increase in the property’s future value due to enhanced risk management.

Expertise and Comprehensive Services

By partnering with FPS Environmental Ltd, clients access a leading team of Flood Risk Consultants capable of working within predefined scopes while also applying advanced engineering principles for customised solutions. While the DEFRA grant scheme for PFR surveys covers Stages 1 & 2 of the CIRIA C790 Code of Practice, FPS Environmental Ltd is well-equipped to assist clients with Stage 3: Options Development & Design, through to full implementation and management.

It should be noted that in many instances we appreciate clients are unable to add additional resource to grants offered and as such are used to working with limited project constraints.

PFR Survey


This case study exemplifies FPS Environmental Ltd’s commitment to delivering tailored, effective flood risk management solutions. Our expertise in both standard and bespoke measures ensures comprehensive protection and client satisfaction, contributing to safer, more resilient properties.

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