Fareham Flood Risk Assessment Case Study

Flood RIsk Assessment

An interesting site that bordered the beach at Hill Head, 45m from the River Solent and comprised of the redevelopment of an original dwelling and the change of use of an outbuilding to a residential unit. Western Design Architects partnered with FPS Environmental to deliver a supporting Flood Risk Assessment for the site development.

Result: Planning Approved ✅ April 2023.

This site, nestled in an existing residential area in Fareham, Hampshire, posed several challenges due to local flood risk with part of the site situated in Flood Zone 3. It was important to ensure that the site was developed safely for the occupiers and their family for the lifetime of the development without impacting local flood risk either on or off site.

It was imperative that Finished Flood Levels (FFLs) were accurately calculated allowing for an appropriate climate change allowance, in this case sea level rise, and accounting for residual uncertainty. An appropriate freeboard allowance was devising and agreed during a period of consultation with the local Environment Agency team, using the EA guidance to quantify the accuracy of local data and models.

Collaboration with the Environment Agency and Fareham Borough Council was key to ensuring a safe, sustainable assessment of flood risk and assisting the redevelopment of the site by providing appropriate design parameters, i.e. FFLs, flood resistance measures including a flood wall that blended into the garden landscaping, alongside flood mitigation advice to meet the needs of all parties involved.

Engaging with FPS Environmental’s team was a game-changer for the site’s redevelopment at Hill Head. Our unparalleled expertise in flood risk management ensured a safe, sustainable design blueprint. Through collaborative efforts with local authorities, we created robust flood mitigation measures including an aesthetically designed flood wall and accurate Finished Flood Levels, to maximise the site’s safe development potential, whilst working with the site constraints. The FRA ensures the future dwellers’ safety without compromising the site’s aesthetic appeal or exacerbating local flood risks.

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