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PFR Survey

FPS Environmental Ltd has been selected by the Isle of Wight Council to conduct Property Flood Resilience Surveys (PFR Surveys) on behalf of DEFRA. Recognised as industry leaders in PFR Surveys, FPS Environmental Ltd leverages extensive expertise and case studies to ensure maximum benefits for the residents and optimal survey uptake.

Each PFR Survey includes a comprehensive digital recording of the property, documenting potential water ingress points, visible drainage, and inspection chamber locations. The process incorporates a one-on-one consultation with residents to address their concerns. The Risk Assessment stage involves reviewing available flood data before preparing a detailed report that analyses flood sources, pathways, receptors, and potential damages.

Recent floods during Storms Babet and Henk impacted around 300 homes on the Isle of Wight, causing significant displacement and ongoing repair work.

To aid recovery, DEFRA offers a £5,000 PFR grant, with £800 allocated for funding the PFR Survey.

This grant supports the implementation of either resistance measures—like flood barriers and anti-flood airbricks—or recoverability enhancements, such as tiled flooring or elevated electrical systems. This initiative aims to bolster properties against future floods, significantly reducing potential damage and disruption.

The PFR Survey addresses Stages 1 and 2 of the CIRIA C790 Code of Practice, covering Hazard Assessment and Property Survey. More information about these standards can be found here:

CIRIA Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience (C790) Standard 1 – Hazard Assessment

CIRIA Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience (C790) Standard 2 – Property Survey

Successful PFR Surveys balance three critical aspects: construction style & drainage; client goals, desires, and budget; and flood risk.

Considerations include aspects such as the homeowner’s ability to store or deploy mitigation measures, the availability of warnings, and the structure’s inherent resilience.

While the grant only partially covers the costs of risk management, timely and strategic use can yield significant benefits. We strongly encourage all eligible residents to utilise and access these funds.

Important dates for Isle of Wight residents to remember:

Deadline to contact FPS Environmental Ltd: 31st May 2024

Survey Period: June & July 2024

For further insights into the DEFRA PFR grant schemes and to explore case studies of our previous survey deliveries, please visit our case study on Flood Surveying for South Derbyshire District Council and East Staffordshire Borough Council.

Pictured below are FPS PFR Surveyors, Victoria Venn and Reece Hewitt.

PFR Survey

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