Flood Risk Assessment

We are flood risk and environmental specialists, delivering engineering excellence.

At FPS Environmental we have substantial experience supporting planning applications across a plethora of industries. Our highly experienced engineers and consultants will work with you to understand the risk and mitigate flood risk for your development.

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Flood Surveys

Flood Surveys by qualified industry professionals.

FPS Environmental are the industry leading property flood resilience (PFR) surveyors, as featured by both the BBC and Sky News as favoured flood consultants.

A flood survey is arguably the most important aspect of any flood mitigation scheme. Whether the site is commercial or residential, the first stages must include assessing and understanding the flood risk.

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Homebuyer Flood Risk Report

The potential threat from flooding has become a far more prominent part of the environmental due diligence and conveyancing checks during a property purchase.

The due-diligence reporting obtained as part of the standard property searches may identify a risk from flooding to a site. However, this should not be a cause for instant alarm; it is simply an indication that further understanding is required to define any risk that may exist.

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Drainage Design

FPS Environmental are a team of industry leading civil engineers and flood risk consultants.

The importance of drainage design has often previously been overlooked within projects; however, it is now a key component within any planning application.

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Fire Water Runoff

At FPS Environmental, our team of consultants and engineers conduct fire water risk assessments and modelling for a wide range of commercial and industrial sites across the U.K, ensuring compliance with Environmental Permit obligations.

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Surface Water Site Assessment

Where a site has experienced flooding related directly to surface water, we can carry out an assessment and hydraulic modelling of the site to further understand the cause of the flooding and develop a mitigation plan.

Within the hierarchy of flood mitigation, it is preferable to tackle the cause of the issue where possible, rather than symptoms.

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