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We tailor the project scope to the client’s requirements, providing drainage designs for developments of all sizes

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FPS Environmental are a team of industry leading civil engineers and flood risk consultants.

FPS Environmental are a team of industry leading civil engineers and flood risk consultants.

The importance of drainage design has often previously been overlooked within projects; however, it is now a key component within any planning application.

We tailor the project scope to the client’s requirements, providing drainage designs for developments of all sizes.


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Drainage Strategy Reports for Planning

The design and coordination of drainage strategies to meet the criteria set within the national and local planning guidance. Obtaining planning permission is a critical milestone in any project and a compliant drainage strategy is key part of this.

We have a deep knowledge of the planning system in relation to below ground drainage and can work with you to design a system which meets all of the specific requirements of the planning authorities.

Sewer Connections and Discharge Consents

We can assist in drainage connection and adoption applications which are required by the local water authorities which own, manage and maintain the public sewer networks.

We can also assist with pre-planning enquires which are a recommended initial consultation with the water authorities to determine whether or not they have capacity to receive the flows from the proposed development.

Surface Water & Sustainable Drainage Systems

Whether a site is located within a flood zone or not, surface water drainage design needs to be addressed at the start of any project, ensuring that the scheme is effective not just for the property, but also the site in question. Each site is different and with effective drainage design, flood risk can be minimised.

As part of a project, you may be required to deal with the surface water onsite, to reduce peak flows and minimise flood risk for others.

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are a key part of surface water drainage design, providing water quality improvements and other environmental benefits which can help reduce flood risk and combat the effects of climate change. SuDS form part of the National Planning Policy Framework and are required by local authorities for surface water drainage strategies submitted for planning approval. Incorporation of SuDS is also required in order to achieve certain BREEAM credits.

We can provide innovative design solutions for sustainable drainage systems, from concept to planning and through to detailed design for construction.

Below ground drainage design (surface, foul, combined, lab, land)

All aspects of below ground drainage design, from concept to construction, including drainage strategy reports, design drawings, specifications and 3d modelling (BIM). We can design any type of below ground drainage system to suit the site requirements and constraints, with a focus on delivering peak design performance and cost efficiency.

For surface water drainage we can design SuDS, attenuation, flow controls and soakaways (where the site conditions allow for infiltration). Some common types of SuDS which we can design and coordinate include; rain gardens, filter drains, bioretention areas, detention basins, ponds, swales, permeable paving, geo-cellular tanks and rainwater harvesting tanks. We can also help with the specification and coordination of blue, green and brown roofs.

Other Services

Please see below a snapshot of some of the other services we offer:

  • Specifying Foul Pumping Stations for developments
    • Private drainage diversions
    • Public drainage diversions i.e. Section 185 agreement works (with local water authority)
    • Drainage build over agreements (with local water authority)
    • Soakaway sizing and design
  • Specifications for infiltration testing
    • Specifications for CCTV Drainage surveys
    • Pump and emergency storage sizing
    • Existing drainage network capacity checks and reporting
    • Pre-development applications (with local water authority)
    • Section 106 applications (with local water authority)
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