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What is a CCTV Drainage Survey?


A CCTV drainage survey is a type of inspection that involves using cameras to view within a drainage system. To provide a visual inspection of the entire system, a flexible rod with CCTV cameras attached to it is put into the drainage pipes.

At FPS Environmental, we have over a decade’s experience providing CCTV drainage surveys to a range of residential and commercial clients. If you are purchasing a property or suspect issues in your current property, we can help.

When Is A CCTV Drainage Survey Required?


A CCTV drainage survey is usually undertaken for 2 main reasons:

  1. To identify existing drainage runs and connectivity, thus allowing a drainage layout to be created for an existing site and network. This is necessary when drainage changes are recommended, such as installing non-return valves to help manage backflow, or increasing capacity.
  2. To investigate the drainage system for any defects or issues, such as blockages, cracks, or leaks.  The survey can also assist in determining the source of any drainage issues, such as tree roots, accumulated grease, or structural problems.

A CCTV drainage survey can also be required if site modifications are indicated as part of construction projects and a drainage strategy is required. This makes it possible to choose the right connectivity for any new drainage system.

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How Is A CCTV Drainage Survey Conducted?


Trained experts, such as drainage engineers, carry out CCTV drainage surveys using specialised equipment. A thorough report detailing any issues found and suggestions for maintenance or repair is usually given to the property owner or manager along with the survey findings, which are typically documented on video or in photographs.

At FPS Environmental we conduct Drainage Surveys across the nation, utilising both our in-house drainage engineers and partners across the country.

Should You Have A Drainage Survey When Purchasing A Property?


It is frequently suggested that a drainage survey should be carried out as part of the property inspection process when purchasing a home or commercial property. A drainage survey can help discover any potential drainage system problems, like as blockages or structural damage, before the sale completes.

If drainage problems are discovered after the sale, they could be very expensive to fix and give the property owner a lot of grief. It is therefore recommended that potential purchasers consider a CCTV drainage study when carrying out their pre-purchase home inspection process.

Additionally, homeowners should consider routine CCTV drainage surveys as part of their ongoing maintenance schedule, particularly if the property is old or has a history of drainage issues. Regular drain inspections can help find and solve any problems before they get worse and cost more to fix.


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Should A Site Have A Drainage Plan?


Having a site drainage plan in place and labelling all of your drains is recommended by the Environment Agency as good practise. Before beginning any construction work, it is essential that you review the site drainage drawings to make sure connections are made to the correct drainage system.

Additionally, it’s critical to maintain the site drainage plan’s accuracy, and update it as necessary. The drainage design needs to be updated for the reasons listed below:

  • Property changes: the drainage design needs to be revised to account for any property changes, including new construction, adjustments to the landscaping or grading, or adjustments to the drainage system itself.
  • Proactive maintenance: blockages and other issues that can cause drainage problems can be avoided by routine maintenance of the drainage system. This can include clearing out gullet pots and removing debris from drainage pipes. The system’s efficiency can be improved by updating the drainage plan to reflect any maintenance initiatives, and potential high traffic areas which may require more maintenance.
  • Coverage and responsibility: an up to date drainage plan may be crucial for insurance.  An accurate and thorough drainage plan can demonstrate that the property owner took reasonable precautions to control surface water runoff, and minimise damage to both their property and the surrounding areas.

In conclusion, maintaining the site drainage plan is a crucial component of efficient stormwater management and can aid in avoiding drainage issues and potential legal liability.

It is advised that the survey or plan be saved in a BIM system or similar so that it  is easily accessible for the future.

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Drainage Labels

Labels are becoming a sensible and popular consideration, whereby every drain cover, grill, and gully is properly recognised and labelled as either surface water, foul water, or combined. Without this information it can be difficult to identify which drain is which.  Inadequate drainage connections can result in serious pollution and expensive penalties. It would be prudent to ensure a cross check with the drainage plan.

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Hannah Rogers

FPS Environmental were great to work with. They responded immediately to my initial enquiry and followed up quickly with a quote. A very friendly, efficient and professional service. Thanks!

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Karen was a pleasure to deal with and entirely professional. Thanks!

Suzy Foster

FPS completed a flood risk assessment for me. Really helpful company. Very flexible with the many amendments needed! The final report is excellent.

Alex Duncan

Good to work with, Karen always helpful, and provided a detailed and professional report in a timely fashion.

Peter Blackadder

Excellent phone based advice on a prospective property purchase.


Mr Ashcroft


“Simon is a very experienced flood protection specialist. He was very professional and knowledgeable in his services.”

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“The survey and report were very thorough and really gave me what I needed”


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“The report is professional and informative, as indeed were the two surveyors who attended our property”

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