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Flood Modelling

What is Flood Modelling?

Flood modelling is a method of simulating flood risks using data and computer modelling. Flood modelling allows flood maps to be developed by assessing and predicting the risk across a certain area for different flood risk events. Depending on the complexity of flood risk models, they may predict the processes that control flood events, such as precipitation, runoff, river flow and tidal patterns for different return periods, and how this interacts with the existing environment, built infrastructure and drainage network in an area.

Depending on the location, risk and detail of the modelling already available for your site, additional flood modelling may be required to maximise the safe development potential. If you are planning a development and require flood modelling support, FPS Environmental can help.

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Flood Modelling

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Flood Modelling

When are Flood Models Required?


Flood models are required when there is a need to understand and predict the potential impacts of flooding in a specific area. This could be for various reasons, such as:

  1. Flood mapping and flood risk management: flood models are required on a national scale to help identify areas at risk of flooding. This is vital for various reasons, include the safety of inhabitants, alongside the allocation of funding for flood risk management, and such floodplain storage is maintained so that the risk elsewhere is not exacerbated. The mapping can also be used to determine what management measures can be implemented, and whether this will have an impact on the surrounding areas upstream or downstream of the proposed defence. The models can also be used to assess the effectiveness of different risk management methods within the catchment. The U.K is fortunate to have extensive flood mapping freely available for river flooding, surface water flooding and reservoir flooding. National Flood Maps are produced by the relevant agency, such as the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, or Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  2. Planning and development: models are often required for planning applications to assess the flood risk associated with proposed developments and to ensure the safety of developments and those who use them. A model may also be required to ensure that the flood risk is not exacerbated elsewhere through the development. This may include the construction of a new site or aspects such as re-aligning a river bank. A bespoke model may be required if existing flood models are not detailed enough to make a judgement on whether or not the site can be developed safely.
  3. Climate change stress testing and adaptation: as the climate changes, flood models are utilised to understand how flood risk may change in the future. This may be due to changing storm events, or sea level rise. The model will be required to help inform decisions on how to manage the risks, developments, and how to adapt to changes. 
  4. Assisting Emergency Response plans: detailed flood risk information is usually required to assist with Flood Warning & Evacuation Plans, and flood risk management. Flood models can be used to determine which areas are at risk, and who should be evacuated. The modelling can assist with emergency planning and flood forecasting.

Overall, flood models are used whenever there is a need to understand the potential impacts of flooding, and to enable informed decisions about flood risk management and mitigation to be made.

Flood Modelling

Flood Modelling Software


Flood modelling software can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as:

  • Planning and design of Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • Identifying flood risk areas and helping develop flood warning & evacuation plans.
  • Ensuring the safety of proposed developments across their lifespan.
  • Determining the impact of land use changes.
  • Catchment modelling to investigate wider areas and the jigsaw of flood mitigation measures.
  • Identifying potential flood mitigation measures, alongside understanding the impact to the catchment.
FPS Flood Modelling Data Collection

Some of the most well-known flood modelling software include: TUFLOW, Flood Modeller, HEC-RAS, MIKE, Infoworks, Micro drainage, and Infodrainage. The software is used by Flood Risk Consultants, Civil Engineers, Planning Consultants and other Water & Environmental Managers.

At FPS Environmental, we are experts in all aspects of flood modelling and flood modelling software, with experience in

  • Fluvial, coastal and surface water modelling
  • Sustainable Drainage Design for new developments
  • Flood Model Reviews
  • Flood Map Challenges
  • Bespoke Modelling
  • Integrated Catchment Modelling
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Flood Modelling for Planning Applications


Flood modelling is an important tool for planning applications as it helps assess the potential impacts of floods on a specific area and inform decision-making processes. In planning applications, flood models can be used to:

Assess flood risk: models can simulate potential flood scenarios and estimate the extent of flooding, the depth of water, and the velocity of flow.  Bespoke flood modelling may be required to support your planning application if Nationwide flood modelling data is not detailed enough to use at your site. Whilst this may seem like a setback, it does help ensure the future safety and value of your development.

Guide land use planning: flood models can help inform decisions on land use planning. This can include identifying areas of flood risk across a site, along with how to safely manage this risk. This may include reviewing the property’s finished floor levels, and proposed site layouts, including the nature of any SuDS schemes and drainage networks. These must be compliant with relevant planning policy and flood risk guidance. 

Inform infrastructure development: flood models can be used to design and evaluate the effectiveness of flood mitigation measures or compensatory storage. This may include assessing the impact of proposals, such as river bank re-alignment.

Support emergency planning: flood models can provide valuable information to support decision-making processes related to flood risk management and mitigation. This may include Flood Warning & Evacuation plans.  This is vital to ensure the safety of occupants and the development.

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Overall, the use of flood modelling in planning applications can help reduce the risk of flood damage on and off-site. Without suitable assessment of flood risk, your planning application will be declined. To maximise the safe development potential of a site, flood modelling may be required. We recommend you engage with a qualified Flood Risk Consultant to discuss your proposals.

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FPS completed a flood risk assessment for me. Really helpful company. Very flexible with the many amendments needed! The final report is excellent.

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Good to work with, Karen always helpful, and provided a detailed and professional report in a timely fashion.

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Excellent phone based advice on a prospective property purchase.


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