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Receive a flood risk survey from the highly qualified team at FPS Environmental. Your choice of Flood Risk Management experts. As Environment Agency Partners, FPS Environmental Ltd are market leaders in Flood Surveys and PFR (Property Flood Resilience) Surveys. 

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Flood Survey
At FPS Environmental, we are experts in all aspects of flood risk evaluation. Our high-quality flood surveys are performed by best-in-class professionals dedicated to engineering excellence.

When choosing our services, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the best service in the sector. Our team are highly qualified and are trained in both flood risk and customer service to provide each and every one of our clients with the best service possible. We provide a comprehensive and value-based approach to residential projects and large-scale commercial contracts alike.

FPS Environmental Flood Surveys aim to provide a detailed assessment of the flood risk, and how to manage it in the most effective manner, maximising return on investment and overall project success.

Trusted as a Primary Framework Partner by the Environment Agency.

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Flood Risk Consultant
Flood Risk Consultant

Professional Flood Surveys From Qualified Industry Specialists

A flood risk survey is arguably the most important aspect of any flood mitigation scheme. Whether the site is commercial or residential, the first stages of development must include assessing and understanding the flood risk.

Flood surveys should consider the flood risk, construction & drainage, along with client goals, desires and budget. These factors will help formulate any output options which may include reference to improving site drainage, landscaping or property flood resilience. Any mitigation measures recommended must be suitable and effective.

Our qualified Flood Risk Consultants also conduct industry leading and compliant Flood Risk Assessments to support planning applications.

How Do Our Flood Risk Surveys Work?

At FPS Environmental we utilise the Source-Pathway-Receptor model to ensure our flood surveys are not just comprehensive but easy to follow.

  • Sources are the weather events or conditions that result in flooding (e.g., heavy rainfall, rising sea level, waves, river flows etc).
  • Pathways are routes between the source of flood waters and the receptor. These include surface and subsurface flow across the landscape and drainage systems.
  • Receptors are the people, industries and built and natural environments that can be impacted by flooding.

We operate inline with the CIRIA C790 Code of Practice, ensuring the delivery of high standards.

Flood Survey

What to Expect from a Flood Survey

At FPS Environmental your flood surveyor will always be suitably qualified and insured. The process consists of a consultation, site survey, detailed risk assessment, and follow on report.

  • Consultation: During the consultation phase, our surveyors will take the time to listen to your first-hand experiences and concerns. We believe that understanding your unique perspective is crucial in assessing the flood risk accurately. By establishing an open line of communication, we can tailor our survey to address your specific considerations and ensure that our approach aligns with your needs.
  • Site Survey: The site survey is the heart of our flood assessment process. Our experienced surveyors will conduct a thorough investigation of your property, spending the majority of their time assessing the external elements. Using state-of-the-art technology, such as Leica and Bosch laser measures, integrated with our iPad software, we gather precise measurements and create a detailed model of your property. This includes identifying drainage connectivity where accessible, existing flood mitigation measures, recording aperture dimensions, and mapping potential routes of ingress. By capturing both video and still images, we create a comprehensive plan & record for future reference. The surveyor may also require internal access to record the internal fixtures, such that a detailed review can be prepared with regards to potential flood impact and recoverability options.
  • Risk Assessment: our Flood Risk Consultants will also conduct background studies into the risk level for the property. This may include reviewing historic mapping, existing mapping, Section 19 reports, and other available sources. The surveyor may also recommend that river model data is obtained, such that the risk for different return periods is known, allowing a more focused mitigation plan.
  • Report & Recommendations: having reviewed and assessed the risk and property, the surveyor will collate a detailed report for your information, detailing the risk, and if necessary, any potential risk reduction strategies (along with budget costs). If it transpires that the property sits above any potential flood level, this will be detailed. The report places you in an informed position to ensure any future mitigation measures proposed are suitable and effective.  Video Case Study | What to Look Out For? 
Flood Risk Survey

Our Holistic Approach to Flood Surveys

As part of our flood risk surveys, we look to ascertain what types of flooding may affect the property and why the flooding may occur. Once the root cause is understood, we then look towards working together to minimise and manage the risk to the development. We often explain a true flood survey should be like forensics, assessing every aspect in close detail to establish why the flood occurred.

Our Flood Risk Consultants will undertake a holistic review of the site, not just considering the property in question, but also the surrounding area, topography, drainage, historic data, and mapped risk. Once this information has been expertly assessed alongside the client goals, mitigation options and budget costings can be proposed. These may include reference to landscaping and site drainage, along with both flood resistance and flood recoverability measures.

Risk Assessment

Whilst flood mapping provides a useful overview of risk, it should be noted that flood maps are undertaken on a national scale and may not represent the true risk. Surface water flood maps are also unlikely to account for localised drainage connections.

As part of the property flood resilience survey, we also conduct a consultation to understand any historic flood occurrences and client concerns. Data on historical floods is highly useful to establish a picture of what contributes to flooding in a catchment or on the coast. Additional information can also be used to build a good understanding of the links between the sources and impacts of flooding.

Where a more detailed risk assessment is required, we can obtain Environment Agency, SEPA, or Natural Resources Wales model data to compare with land levels, providing depth indications for different return periods.

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Residential or Commercial

At FPS Environmental Ltd, we work with clients both nationally and internationally to assess, reduce and manage flood risk.

We understand the impact flooding can have on homes and businesses and start our process with a consultation to understand the unique concerns of each client. We are passionate about flood defence and work closely with our clients to ensure the solution is not just appropriate for the property but also for the individual or business.

As many as 40% of businesses fail to re-open after a flood, so preparing for future events with a flood survey is highly recommended.

What Makes FPS Different?

Certified Experts:

We are a team of award-winning Flood Consultants and Chartered Engineers, led by Simon Crowther BEng (Hons) C.WEM MCIWEM and Victoria Venn MSc BSc(Hons) MCIWEM C.WEM.


Simon is a 2007 flood victim (prior to mitigation measures being installed) and has made it his mission to reduce flood risk across the U.K. Our team delivers engineering excellence underpinned by passion and empathy.


No site is the same, and our flood surveys enable us to look in depth at the property in question. We discuss previous or present flood events, look for how to increase resilience and offer practical advice on the actions to be taken.


FPS Environmental Ltd are trusted by residents and businesses both Nationally and Internationally. We work alongside leading insurance companies, Councils, and the Environment Agency. You can read more about one of our projects with the Environment Agency here: Supporting the Environment Agency with Flood Surveys: York

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Client Testimonials

Here are some of our latest testimonials from satisfied customers. If you'd like to discuss your requirements further, please don't hestitate to get in touch.

Hannah Rogers

FPS Environmental were great to work with. They responded immediately to my initial enquiry and followed up quickly with a quote. A very friendly, efficient and professional service. Thanks!

James Langton

Karen was a pleasure to deal with and entirely professional. Thanks!

Suzy Foster

FPS completed a flood risk assessment for me. Really helpful company. Very flexible with the many amendments needed! The final report is excellent.

Alex Duncan

Good to work with, Karen always helpful, and provided a detailed and professional report in a timely fashion.

Peter Blackadder

Excellent phone based advice on a prospective property purchase.


Mr Ashcroft


“Simon is a very experienced flood protection specialist. He was very professional and knowledgeable in his services.”

Mr Lattimer


“The survey and report were very thorough and really gave me what I needed”


Mr. Blakely


“The report is professional and informative, as indeed were the two surveyors who attended our property”

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