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FPS Environmental are the industry leading property flood resilience (PFR) surveyors, as featured by both the BBC and Sky News as favoured flood consultants.

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Flood Surveys by qualified industry professionals

A flood survey is arguably the most important aspect of any flood mitigation scheme. Whether the site is commercial or residential, the first stages must include assessing and understanding the flood risk.

Flood surveys should consider the flood risk, construction & drainage, along with client goals, desires and budget. These factors will help formulate any output options which may include reference to: improving site drainage, landscaping or property flood resilience. Any mitigation measures recommended must be suitable and effective.

Our Approach

At FPS Environmental we utilise the Source-Pathway-Receptor model, to ensure our flood surveys are not just comprehensive, but easy to follow.

  • Sources are the weather events or conditions that result in flooding (e.g., heavy rainfall, rising sea level, waves, river flows etc);
  • Pathways are routes between the source of flood waters and the receptor. These include surface and subsurface flow across the landscape and drainage systems;
  • Receptors are the people, industries and built and natural environments that can be impacted upon by flooding.

Holistic Approach

As part of our surveys, we look to ascertain what types of flooding may affect the property, and why this may occur. Once the root cause is understood, we then look towards working together to manage and minimise the risk to the property. We often explain a true flood survey should be like forensics, assessing every aspect in close detail to establish why the flood occurred.

Our flood risk management approach is hierarchal, with various aspects considered prior to making any recommendations.

Risk Assessment

Whilst flood mapping provides a useful overview on risk, it should be noted that flood maps are undertaken on a national scale and may not represent the true risk. Surface water flood maps are also unlikely to account for localised drainage connections.

As part of the survey, we also conduct a consultation to understand any historic flood occurrences and client concerns. Data on historical floods is highly useful to establish a picture of what contributes to flooding in a catchment or on the coast. Additional information can be used to build a good understanding of the links between the sources and impacts of flooding.

Where a more detailed risk assessment is required, we can obtain Environment Agency, SEPA, or Natural Resources Wales model data to compare with land levels, providing depth indications for different return periods.

Flood Risk Assessment
Detailed Flood Risk Assessment

Residential or Commercial

At FPS Environmental Ltd, we work with clients both nationally and internationally to assess, reduce and manage flood risk.

We understand the impact flooding can have on homes and businesses and start our process with a consultation to understand concerns. We are passionate about flood defence and work closely with our clients to ensure the solution is not just appropriate for the property, but also the individual or business.

As many as 40% of businesses fail to re-open after a flood, and therefore acting early with a flood survey is highly recommended.

Flood Risk

Being flooded is a horrible experience, with filthy brown water devastating the ground floor of your home or business. 1 in 6 UK properties are located in areas where there is a significant risk of flooding.

What makes us different?

Flood Risk

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