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What is a Flood Warning & Evacuation Plan (FWEP)

To ensure that your proposed development is safe for users or occupiers in the event of a flood, your planning application may need to include a Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan, often referred to as a FWEP or Emergency Flood Plan, alongside your Flood Risk Assessment. The type of flood risk at the proposed development site, and its severity will determine whether or not you require a Flood Warning & Evacuation Plan. It is a crucial tool in the jigsaw of flood risk management and is vital to minimise the harm that a flood event could cause to a business, workers, visitors or the building itself. 

The aim of the Emergency Flood Plan is to enable a well organised and safe evacuation of site occupants, to a pre determined safe location should a major flood event occur.

The FWEP should include a summary of the site’s flood risk, including any mitigation measures in place, along with relevant contact details, and how to prepare for, respond to and recover from a flood event.

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A flood warning is a notification or alert issued by the authorities or relevant agencies to the public about an impending flood event in a particular area. In England, the Environment Agency provide a free targeted flood warning service, for which you can sign up here: Sign up for flood warnings.

The warning typically includes information on the severity of the flood, the potential impacts, and advice on how to stay safe and protect property.

An evacuation plan, on the other hand, is a set of procedures and guidelines that help people prepare and respond to an imminent threat of flooding, such as a flood warning. It outlines the steps to take to ensure personal safety and minimize property damage.

It is essential to follow the guidance provided by the authorities during a flood warning and to have a well-prepared evacuation plan in place to protect yourself and your family.

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The overall aim of the FWEP is to provide a site-specific action plan to ensure that all persons occupying the site are in a fully informed position regarding the risk of flooding and the actions to take should a flood event be predicted to occur. This FWEP ensures all persons will be made aware of the risk at ground level across the site and are able to safely evacuate, prior to the onset of any projected flooding.

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This FWEP will address the matters required pursuant to the National Planning Practice Guidance Paragraph: 057 and will ensure that flood warning procedures and subscription details to the Environment Agency flood warning systems are made available for the users of the site.

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What Should a Flood Warning & Evacuation Plan Include?


An effective evacuation plan usually includes the following elements:

  1. Early warning system: A reliable and efficient early warning system that provides sufficient time to prepare and evacuate. This may involve signing up to the Environment Agency’s early warning system.
  2. Evacuation route & destination: Clear directions for the safest and most efficient evacuation routes to a predetermined safe location where evacuees can seek shelter until the flooding danger has passed.
  3. Emergency supplies: A consideration for essential supplies to bring, such as food, water, medicine, clothing, and important documents.
  4. Communication: A plan for communicating with other site members, such as staff, visitors, and emergency responders.
  5. Shelter for pets and livestock: A plan for safely evacuating and sheltering pets and livestock. This is particularly important for farms where livestock may become stranded. Responders have previously had to be called in to rescue animals from flood water.
  6. Maps and Drawings to indicate the areas that would be most at risk in a flood.


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Your Preferred Partner for Flood Warning & Evacuation Plans

At FPS Environmental Ltd we are particularly qualified to develop Flood Warning & Evacuation Plans for all kinds of developments because we have advised on, and developed more than 1,000 flood risk projects not just in the U.K, but also overseas too.

We are preferred Flood Risk Consultants to the Environment Agency, have influenced National Policy, and are regularly featured by media outlets, such as Sky News and Channel 4 as the favoured flood risk experts.

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