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Our Homebuyer Flood Risk Reports, also referred to as Flood Risk Due Diligence reports, provide a market-leading assessment of flood risk for prospective buyers.

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The potential threat from flooding has become a far more prominent part of the environmental due diligence and conveyancing checks during a property purchase.

The due-diligence reporting obtained as part of the standard property searches may identify a risk from flooding to a site. However, this should not be a cause for instant alarm; it is simply an indication that further understanding is required to define any risk that may exist.

For most of us, buying a home will be the most expensive purchase we will ever make. A full understanding of the potential risk from flooding is now vital.

Our Homebuyer Flood Risk Reports, also referred to as Flood Risk Due Diligence reports, provide a market-leading assessment of flood risk for prospective buyers.

Why is a Homebuyer Flood Risk Report required?

Flooding can happen at any time, and at varying degrees of severity. Around 5.2 million homes in England, or one in six properties, are at risk from flooding.

Surface water flooding affects more properties than any other type of flooding, yet is often overlooked.

Understanding the flood risk of a property is the first step to managing that risk and being prepared for what the future holds.

We have created our Homebuyer Flood Risk Reports to enable you to be fully informed of the potential impacts of a flood prior to purchase.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors advise that flood risk could seriously impact the value of a property, should you compare to a similar property with a lower risk. A surveyor’s report may even provide an angle for negotiation if the risk can be managed.

Understanding the flood risk to a site in greater detail may help change your perspective on your prospective property purchase:

  • Flood maps may not account for all flood defences, or flood defence schemes that are in the pipeline.
  • Flood maps may not accurately account for existing drainage arrangements.
  • Flood maps do not accurately account for characteristics on a site-scale, such as local changes in ground levels.
  • Flood maps do not consider how a property is constructed, the internal finishes and floor levels.

All of these factors can affect the extents and impacts of flooding that may be experienced at a property. The impacts of a flood at or close to a property may not be as devastating as initially assumed.


What is included in a Flood Risk Due Diligence report?

We understand that you are considering investing in a property and wish to have professional advice on understanding flood risk in detail and how to protect it from potential future flooding.

Our Homebuyer Flood Risk Reports are prepared in line with:

  • The CIRIA Code of Practice for Property Flood Resilience – Edition 1 (C790F)
  • The latest Law Society Practice Note on Flood Risk

The report typically comprises a detailed desktop study along with information obtained during a site survey:

  • An understanding of the mechanisms that may potentially cause flooding, the potential points of water entry, and the geography/topography of the property.
  • Note the type of construction of the property.
  • Note all external features which may exacerbate flooding.
  • Note the drainage connectivity at the property where accessible.
  • Record aperture dimensions.
  • Provide an overall opinion on the effectiveness of any flood resilience measures that are currently in place.
  • Provide a suite of recommendations (where applicable) for flood mitigation measures (including budget costs) which would improve the property’s future flood resilience.

The report will look to identify predicted flood levels/depths at the property, including an allowance for climate change where modelled, placing you in an informed position prior to your property purchase.

What makes us different?

FPS Environmental are the industry leading property flood resilience surveyors, working with insurers and regulators to set standards. We are regularly featured by media outlets including the BBC and Sky News to comment on flooding.

Our team is led by Simon Crowther BEng (Hons) C.WEM MCIWEM and Rob Pike MSc BSc(Hons) MCIWEM.

Detailed Flood Risk Assessment


The property may be eligible for the Flood Re Insurance scheme, designed to make insurance affordable for domestic properties deemed at significant risk of flooding.

It is however worth noting that this scheme is only designed to run for 25 years from 2016, before transitioning into a free market in flood insurance, reflecting the flood risk to a property. It anticipates that homeowners in high flood risk properties will put in place mitigation measures over the 25 years.

Your Investment

Be mindful of your long-term aspirations when purchasing a property. Ensure you understand whether flood risk may worsen in future due to climate change. Should you wish to redevelop a property, remember that you will have to prove to the local regulatory body, often the planning authority that the development shall not place any risk to its occupiers, and that that flooding is not worsened elsewhere. Carrying out these checks early on will ultimately aid in safeguarding your investment.


The Environment Agency take 20 working days to respond to a data request, and therefore our reports take circa 25 working days to complete. If the report needs to be completed quicker, a flood survey can be offered to assess mitigation option for the property, however the full risk element will not be available.

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