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Our Homebuyer Flood Risk Report, also referred to as Flood Risk Due Diligence report, provides a market-leading assessment of flood risk for prospective buyers.

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Flood Risk Assessment, Flooded Street

Why Is A Homebuyer Flood Risk Report Required?

Flooding can happen at any time and at varying degrees of severity. Around 5.2 million homes in England, or one in four properties, are deemed at risk from flooding. Surface water flooding affects more properties than any other type of flooding, yet the risk is often overlooked.

The FPS Homebuyer Flood Risk Report provides a market leading analysis of flood risk, including a site visit, alongside detailed desktop study and GIS map production.

Trusted as a Primary Framework Partner by the Environment Agency.

Is My Home In A Flood Risk Area?

You can check if your new home is in a flood risk area here, or you can contact your local planning authority to check if your home is in an area previously identified as having a critical drainage problem.

The freely available flood maps are limited in resolution and may not accurately reflect on-site conditions. They often overlook localised drainage connections and whether a property is elevated above flood levels. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a Flood Risk Consultant visit the site to assess the actual risk to the property as thoroughly as possible. This assessment enables you to make an informed decision about your property purchase.

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Homebuyer Flood Risk Report

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Section 19 Flood Report

Carrying out a Flood Risk Assessment for homes at risk of flooding is the first step to managing that risk and being prepared for what the future holds.

We have created our Homebuyer Flood Risk Report, to enable you to be fully informed of the potential impacts of a flood before purchase.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) advises that flood risk could seriously impact the value of a property should you compare it with a similar property with a lower risk. A surveyor’s report may even provide an angle for negotiation if the risk can be managed, whether your home is in a flood risk area or otherwise.

Understanding the flood risk to a site in greater detail may help change your perspective on your prospective property.

  • Flood maps may not account for all flood defences or flood defence schemes that are in the pipeline.
  • Flood maps may not accurately account for existing drainage arrangements.
  • Flood maps do not accurately account for characteristics on a site scale, such as local changes in ground levels.
  • Flood maps do not consider how a property is constructed, the internal finishes and floor levels.
  • River flood maps do not provide an indication of flood depths at the site for different return periods.

All of these factors can affect the extent and impacts of flooding that may be experienced, and are why it is vital to obtain a more detailed study.

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What Is Included In A Homebuyer Flood Risk Report?

At FPS Environmental Ltd, we provide expert flood risk consultations and property surveys adhering to the CIRIA C790 Code of Practice. Our services are designed to place you in the most informed position through a two-stage process:

Stage 1: Detailed Risk Assessment

Objective: To deliver a comprehensive property-level flood risk assessment.

Activities Include:

  • Analysing Environment Agency/ Natural Resources Wales/ SEPA flood mapping in relation to your property’s layout and topography.
  • Utilising LiDAR data for an accurate understanding of ground levels, should topographical survey data be unavailable.
  • Requesting and reviewing any available Product 4 or 6 data.
  • Understanding existing flood management measures and reviewing area-wide Strategic Flood Risk Assessments along with historic flood data.

Stage 2: Site Survey

Objective: To evaluate the property and its flood risk, guiding the selection of appropriate mitigation options (if necessary), such as Property Flood Resilience, or Strategic Recommendations including drainage, landscaping & walls (inclusive of what consents may be required).

Activities Include:

  • Conducting a property-focused site visit, complemented by a broader site walkover to align flood risk modelling with actual conditions.
  • Understanding the mechanism of flood events and how these may impact the property.
  • Reviewing and recording the property’s construction and drainage (where accessible) to understand flood event mechanisms, potential water ingress points, and existing mitigation measures.
  • Digitally recording on FPS software critical data such as aperture dimensions and identifying areas for potential risk reduction.
  • Preparing a floorplan with routes of ingress marked.
  • Identifying any visible existing mitigation measures in place.

This thorough approach ensures you receive a detailed understanding of your property’s flood risk, enabling informed decision-making.

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What Makes FPS Different?

We are the industry leaders for Homebuyer Flood Risk Reports, trusted by the Environment Agency as their Flood Surveying and Risk Analysis Framework Partners.


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At FPS, we understand that buying a home is a stressful experience, and trusted professional support can be a huge help. Our reports can help you fully understand the flood risk associated with your new home, how your home insurance relates to flood risk and how you can best protect your future home.

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Here are some of our latest testimonials from satisfied customers. If you'd like to discuss your requirements further, please don't hestitate to get in touch.

Hannah Rogers

FPS Environmental were great to work with. They responded immediately to my initial enquiry and followed up quickly with a quote. A very friendly, efficient and professional service. Thanks!

James Langton

Karen was a pleasure to deal with and entirely professional. Thanks!

Suzy Foster

FPS completed a flood risk assessment for me. Really helpful company. Very flexible with the many amendments needed! The final report is excellent.

Alex Duncan

Good to work with, Karen always helpful, and provided a detailed and professional report in a timely fashion.

Peter Blackadder

Excellent phone based advice on a prospective property purchase.


Mr Ashcroft


“Simon is a very experienced flood protection specialist. He was very professional and knowledgeable in his services.”

Mr Lattimer


“The survey and report were very thorough and really gave me what I needed”


Mr. Blakely


“The report is professional and informative, as indeed were the two surveyors who attended our property”

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