Strategic Flood Risk Assessments

FPS Environmental Ltd are well versed in preparing Strategic Flood Risk Assessments, helping ensure resilience against flooding whilst best supporting the natural environment.

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A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment is a comprehensive review of flood risk, used by local planning authorities to better understand the potential risks of flooding in an area, thus allowing the development of local planning strategies accordingly.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessments are split into two levels – Level 1, and Level 2.

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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessments:

A level 1 SFRA provides a broad overview of flood risk across an area, using existing data. It is the first step in assessing flood risk within the planning process, and key to guiding development to areas of lower flood risk. Some of the key elements include:

  • Flood Risk Mapping and Assessments: identifying all sources of flood risk.
  • Engagement: consulting with Risk Management Authorities, the community and partners to better understand local flood risk.
  • Sequential Test Basis: establishing the basis for applying the Sequential Test, ensuring that development proposals are steered away from areas at high risk of flooding.
  • Climate Change Considerations: including predictions on how flood risk may change in the future due to climate change, ensuring long-term resilience.
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Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessments:

A Level 2 SFRA is a much more detailed study and report, with a site specific analysis of flood risk, building on the findings from the Level 1 SFRA.

They are far less common and generally conducted for areas identified as being at high risk of flooding, or where development may need to be located in areas of higher flood risk. Whilst this may seem a strange situation, the majority of London is at higher flood risk, and SFRA2s can identify areas for risk reduction such as Sustainable Drainage Schemes.

Key Aspects Include:

  • Detailed Site-Specific Analysis: Undertaking more detailed flood risk assessments for specific sites, including modeling to understand flood depths, velocities, and the probability of flooding.
  • Exception Test Preparation: Providing the necessary evidence to undertake the Exception Test, where it is demonstrated that, for certain developments, broader sustainability benefits to the community outweigh flood risk.
  • Safe Access and Egress: Evaluating the feasibility of safe access and egress for emergency services and residents during flood events.
  • Resilience Measures: Identifying appropriate flood resilience and resistance measures to mitigate risk where development is considered necessary in flood-prone areas. This may include SuDS schemes in existing areas.

Both levels of SFRA are integral to the planning process, ensuring that flood risk is appropriately considered and managed in land use planning and development decisions.

They allow local planning authorities to make informed decisions, guiding sustainable development away from high-risk areas and towards safer, more resilient futures.

At FPS Environmental Ltd, our expertise in SFRA investigation and reporting enables us to assist with guiding development to low flood risk areas, reduce flood risks, and contribute to the creation of sustainable communities.

Our expertise also extends to supporting community groups with Flood Risk Assessments of local areas, with the aim of identifying potential catchment mitigation options.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your SFRA requirements.

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