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Sustainable & Surface Water Drainage Systems

Surface water drainage systems should be addressed at the start of any project, ensuring that the scheme is effective not just for the property, but also the site in question. Each site is different and with effective drainage design, flood risk can be minimised. For existing sites, a Site Assessment can be undertaken.

At FPS Environmental Ltd, we have over 10 years experience in designing surface water drainage systems, and reviewing existing systems. Surface water has previously been overlooked, however it is now more important than ever to ensure your surface water system is suitable.

As part of your development project, you may be required to manage the surface water onsite, to reduce peak flows and to ensure flood risk is not exacerbated in the surrounding areas. The former ethos was to remove surface water as quickly as possible, via large pipes to the nearest watercourse, however this leads to an increase in flash flooding and pollution, and the systems can be easily overwhelmed. It is far superior to manage surface water through sustainable drainage systems and ‘slow the flow’. FPS Environmental can help with a specialist surface water assessment.

Drainage issues are becoming apparent on existing sites as sustainable drainage design was not previously mandatory, thus leading to a lack of detailed on-site drainage proposals and also potential overloading of existing drainage networks, exacerbating surface water flooding. Through effective surface water management, it may be possible to manage and minimise your flood risk. At FPS Environmental we have been able to significantly reduce the likelihood of surface water flooding across sites around the U.K.

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What Is A Surface Water Drainage Strategy?


A surface water drainage strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines how a site will manage surface water runoff and includes information on:

  1. Collection.  Suitable methods for collecting and channelling surface water, such as gutters, filter drains, gully pots and channel drains. The drainage style needs to be suitable for the proposed surface, for example, a lawned area would be better with a filter drain, whereas hard standing would better suit a channel drain.
  2. The movement of water. Suitable systems, such as below ground pipes and channels are required to transport surface water from its initial location to its final destination. In most instances this will be via gravity flow, however in some instances may include water pumps. It is important to ensure there is suitable access for maintenance. The end location is now likely to be part of a SuDS scheme, where as previously it would have been the nearest sewer or watercourse.
  3. Storage and treatment. Techniques for retaining water until the flood event or peak flow has passed, such that water can be managed until such time that the peak flow has passed. This also provides time for the surface water to be filtered, and can be achieved with items such as sediment basins, filter strips and swales. 
  4. Discharge. Suitable methods for discharging the surface water, such as infiltration into the ground via a soakaway or managed discharge into a nearby water course.
  5. Maintenance plan. Procedures and timescales for regularly inspecting and maintaining the surface water drainage system.
Drainage Review

The goal of a surface water drainage strategy is to minimise the impact of surface water runoff on the site and the surrounding area’s properties. The strategy should be compliant with the appropriate regulations.

If you require surface water drainage solutions, please reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to support you.

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Please see below a snapshot of some of the other services we offer:

  • Specifying Foul Pumping Stations for development
  • Private drainage diversions
  • Public drainage diversions i.e. Section 185 agreement works (with local water authority
  • Drainage build-over agreements (with local water authority)
  • Soakaway sizing and design
  • Specifications for infiltration testing
  • Specifications for CCTV Drainage survey
  • Pump and emergency storage sizing
  • Existing drainage network capacity checks and reporting
  • Pre-development applications (with local water authority)
  • Section 106 applications (with local water authority)
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