What is a Flood Risk Consultant?

What is a Flood Risk Consultant?

A Flood Risk Consultant is a specialist who provides guidance on flood risks, and how to manage them.

Their primary duty is collaborating with clients to identify possible flood risks associated with development projects and to develop plans for risk reduction.

They work alongside property owners, managers, architects, planning consultants, and developers to identify flood risks, recommend appropriate measures to mitigate those risks, and ensure regulatory compliance. They are experts in assessing and managing flood risks for different types of development projects.

Our team of highly-qualified Flood Risk Consultants specialise in accurately assessing and managing risks across the flood, water, and environmental sectors. Our services range from small residential projects through to large commercial contracts, providing a value-driven and holistic approach to our clients.

Our services are relied upon by some of the most prestigious organisations domestically and internationally, including leading insurance companies and their clients.


Some of the key tasks that Flood Risk Consultants undertake include:

  • Performing Flood Risk Assessments: A Flood Risk Consultant will assess the flood risk at a site earmarked for development. They should consider all types of flood risk including pluvial, fluvial, groundwater, coastal flooding and artificial sources. The consultant should also assess site variables such as the topography, rainfall, catchment, proximity of watercourses, and site drainage connectivity. Once the risks have been assessed, the consultant should implement safe management practices into the design.
  • Creating plans for managing flood risks: Based on their evaluation, a Flood Risk Consultant will create a plan that includes flood mitigation strategies, such as flood walls, flood barriers, sustainable drainage systems, and emergency response strategies. Mitigation and compliance measures may include Property Flood Resilience (PFR), raising a proposed Finished Floor Level (FFL), Sustainable Drainage Design, or landscaping. It is vital these measures do not exacerbate risk elsewhere and therefore a Flood Risk Consultant may be required to undertake Flood Modelling works to demonstrate to necessary parties that proposed options are suitable.
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies: To ensure that development projects adhere to flood risk management regulations, a consultant may work closely with local authorities, such as planning agencies or the Environment Agency.
  • Giving expert guidance: A consultant may give clients and other stakeholders expert advice on flood risk management plans, assisting in making development projects as resistant to potential flooding events as feasible. They may also provide advice as an Expert Witness where there is a drainage or flood related dispute.

A Flood Risk Consultant’s overall responsibility is to assist clients in minimising the possible effects of flooding on their development projects while also ensuring that those projects are carried out in accordance with applicable laws and industry standards.

A Flood Risk Consultant can help you identify, manage and reduce flood risks at your property, along with unlocking safe development potential through the production of compliant Flood Risk Assessments, and Sustainable Drainage Designs inline with Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. They can also provide guidance on how to manage potential flood risks in the future.

What Projects can Flood Risk Consultants assist with:

Homebuyer Flood Risk Report

A Flood Risk Consultant can assess a prospective property purchase’s flood risk, prior to exchange or completion. This places you in an informed position to empower your decision making. Our Homebuyer Flood Risk Report, also referred to as Flood Risk Due Diligence report, provides a market-leading assessment of flood risk for prospective buyers.

For properties at risk of flooding, conducting a flood risk assessment is the first step in managing the risk and being prepared for the future.

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, flood risk can have a significant impact on the value of a property when compared to a similar property with a reduced risk. A surveyor’s report may provide a negotiating position if the risk can be managed.

The Flood Risk Consultant would also provide recommendations on if the flood risk can be managed at the property, coupled with outline mitigation recommendations and likely costs, to reduce the risk of flooding to the property.

Flood Survey

Flood Surveys can be conducted by a Flood Risk Consultant who is suitably qualified and experienced. A Flood Survey is an evaluation of a property’s or land’s flood risk. Typically, it entails a site inspection, analysis of flood maps and associated flood risk data, and recommendations for flood protection measures.

Flood Surveys should consider the flood risk, construction & drainage, along with client goals, desires and budget. These factors will help formulate any output options which may include reference to improving site drainage, landscaping or property flood resilience. Any mitigation measures recommended must be suitable and effective.

Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for Planning and Development

If you’re planning new construction or development at your property, a Flood Risk Consultant can provide guidance on how ensure the flood risk to the property is minimised, and help ensure the plans are compliant with relevant legislation. Your planning proposal might be refused if it lacks a suitable Flood Risk Assessment.

If necessary, the FRA should propose flood mitigation measures to ensure the flood risk to a proposed development is minimised, managed, or mitigated. A technical assessment of any proposed mitigation measures may also be required to ensure they will not exacerbate flood risk elsewhere.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Sustainable Drainage Systems are utilised to mimic the natural flow paths of water in an area, and manage flood risk through controlling, storing and slowing the flow of water in a specific area or catchment.

National Policy Changes

As experts in their profession, Flood Risk Consultants can advocate for improved flood risk management policies. By advocating for improved policies, Flood Risk Consultants can aid in protecting communities from the effects of flooding. At FPS Environmental Ltd, our consultants have pushed for change, and even introduced policy changes, such as introducing Build Back Better by FloodRe to Parliament.

How Can FPS Environmental Help You?

At FPS Environmental, we are a team of industry-leading Flood Risk Consultants who can assist with a range of flood risk management and Drainage Design services. We offer specialist flood risk, water and environmental services to help protect your investment and unlock future development potential.

Our Services Include:

Flood Risk Assessments

Flood Surveys

Homebuyer Flood Risk Reports

Drainage Design

Surface Water Drainage Assessments

Flood Modelling

Why Choose FPS Environmental as Flood Risk Consultants?

At FPS Environmental, we are committed to providing our clients with industry-leading flood risk management services.

Our team is led by Chartered Professionals, with all work approved and signed off by MCIWEM C.WEM consultants. Chartership with CIWEM demonstrates consultants are leaders in the water and environment profession.

We utilise cutting-edge technology and methods to assess flood risk and recommend suitable mitigation measures. In addition, we collaborate closely with our clients to tailor our solutions to their requirements and budget.

At FPS Environmental, we provide a variety of flood risk management services to defend our clients’ assets from flooding. Contact us immediately to learn how we can assist you in managing your flood risk.


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