What is CIWEM?


What is CIWEM?

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management is known by the initials CIWEM. It is a professional membership group with roots in the UK, that promotes environmentally and water-friendly management practises.

CIWEM was founded in 1985, and it gained a Royal Charter 1995, helping to establish the organization’s professional status and authority. The institution’s goals include promoting the value of water and environmental management, assisting in the creation of best practises, and fostering professional cooperation.

There are various levels of membership available, including student membership, graduate membership, full membership, and chartered membership. Members have access to various advantages such as networking opportunities, professional development, alongside the most recent information and expert advice in the field of water and environmental management.

CIWEM is important for a number of reasons:

  1. Supporting sustainable practises in water and environmental management: CIWEM aims to support and encourage sustainable practises across the breadth of water and environmental industries, helping to contribute to the preservation and restoration of ecosystems and natural resources, both of which are vital to supporting life and for a healthy planet.
  2. Professional development: CIWEM provides a variety of tools for professional development, such as training sessions, conferences, and networking events. These tools assist specialists in the field of water and environmental management in keeping abreast of the most recent business trends and best practises as well as developing their skills and knowledge. One of the most recent training courses was the CIWEM Property Flood Resilience training, of which the whole FPS Environmental team have completed. We are keen to support our team with their professional development and will support staff through to chartership.
  3. Collaboration and networking: CIWEM gives experts in the field of water and environmental management a place to network and collaborate. This allows relationships to be developed, not just strengthening information sharing and experiences, but also allowing the formation of new partnerships to support a strength and sustainable economy. Through these new connections, together everyone achieves more, which which can improve the management of water and the environment.
  4. Advocacy and policy development: CIWEM is constantly involved in promoting laws and procedures that aid in environmentally sound water, waste, and environmental management. To ensure policies and regulations are efficient, collaboration is vital with decision makers, stakeholders, and CIWEM members.
  5. Recognition and accreditation: CIWEM offers a range of professional accreditations, the main of which being the MCIWEM C.WEM chartered status. This helps to establish standards of excellence in the water and environmental management field, and provides a valuable credential for professionals in the field, and helps to promote the importance of high-quality work in this area.

Overall, CIWEM plays a significant and vital role in promoting sustainable water and environmental management, supporting professional development, and advocating for policies and practices that protect natural resources and ecosystems. At FPS Environmental Ltd our team are CIWEM members. We support all our staff in working towards and becoming Chartered. Our team also undertake the CIWEM PFR training such that you can rest assured the information you receive is of the highest standard.

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